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Payphones Service Australia Announce Their New Wireless Coin Payphone Buggy

Payhphones Service Australia is proud to announce the launch of their wireless portable payphone buggy. Please contact us for more information.

Portable wireless payphone buggy.

Telstra Blue Phones - Time To Upgrade Or Replace?

Upgrade your Telstra blue payhone now and avoid the problems

As the Telstra blue payphone ages spare parts and ongoing maintenance will become an issue, so now is the ideal time to upgrade your payphone.

PSA now have available 2 new intelligent Payphones - The CX 500 and the CX910 Plus which will be ideal replacements for your Telstra Blue Phone.

PSA is a Telstra preferred supplier of Payphones. 

Check our payphones page for options to replace Telstra blue phones.

910GSM - Wirelss GSM Payphone Now Available

Wireless payphone services are perfect for the mobile population, especially in such areas as city edges or other
areas where it Is difficult to lay cable. It is the service to utlllze in locations such as tourist attractions. campus' and
residence halls. The use of wireless payphone is perfect for temporary installation such as exhibitions, public events and

Payphones Service Australia is proud to announce they CX 910GSM - a new generation wireless payphone. Please download our wireless payphone information sheet and contact us if you have any questions or to arrange installation.