Payphones Services is the exclusive Australian agent for Comex Telecom Payphones.

We offer your choice of phone under the following plans.

CX 200 Payphone
CX 200 Payphone
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CX220 Emergency or Concierge Phone
CX220 Emergency Phone
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CX 910 GSM Wireless Payphone
CX910 GSM Payphone
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Option 1 - Payphone Rental

For a fee of $2 per day [plus GST] a CX 910 Plus or CX 500 can be rented from Payphones Service.

Option 2 - Fully Maintained Payphone Service

For an additional 1 dollar per day [$3.00 plus GST] Payphones Service can offer a fully managed payphone service for all capital cities and most major regional centres.

Including the responsibility for -

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Payphones Service Australia is the exclusive Australian agent for Comex Payphones.