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Payphones Service Australia

Payphone Service Australia has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of Payphones to the Australian private payphone market. The rapid expansion of the business has been based on the premise of providing high quality and reliable payphone products, excellent service and most importantly, the technical expertise we can offer to all our customers.

Payphone Services is number one in Australia with its technical experience and expertise on repair and maintenance of most payphones. We offer over 40 years of experience in the payphone market, unmatched anywhere in Australia.

All of our Payphone Service staff are totally dedicated to provide the best and most efficient service to all our customers. Very few if any other payphone companies can offer the complete end to end payphone service. From the initial sale of the payphone the installation and more importantly the repair and maintenance of their products should it be required. Payphone Services as a company does all this.

Payphone Service specialise in servicing the small to the large business sector through specific service agreements. This market will expand rapidly as Telstra slowly withdraws from payphone products.

With our payphone solutions we can offer businesses and organisations a range of options from minimum cost rental, a fully managed service to the outright sales of payphone products. We are one of the very few companies which offer a fully managed service.

Payphone Service currently supplies payphones to many major hospitals, hotels, licensed clubs, TAFE colleges, Universities and Aged Care and other like facilities.

Our other business “Comex Telecom Australia” has the sole and exclusive Australian rights to the stylish CX500 payphone.

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